The finest in Registered Miniature Donkeys
23023 Fairview Road
Gretna NE 68028
SW Edge of Omaha
1-80 Exit 432
Breeding for conformation,
color and size

All of our donkeys over six months old are micro chipped,
  have current vaccinations and are wormed.

For pedigree information: email or call

Ma & Pa's Miss FreedomAss-pirin Acres Love BugMa & Pa's Rocky Road
Miss Freedom

Lovebug 7-2007 right.JPG (65175 bytes)

Sunshine boy left regist.JPG (100007 bytes)
Thanks Jerry, TexasThanks to Steve and Linda, Oklahoma

Ma & Pa's Little Maxy

Ma & Pa's GingerMa & Pa's Knight Rider
MaxyGingerKnight Riders
Thanks Mike - IowaThanks to Ken & Cyndy, North DakotaThanks to Ken & Cyndy, North Dakota
Ma & Pa's Tina LouiseMa & Pa's PopsicleMa & Pa's Frostbite

Tina right 7-2010.JPG (59523 bytes)

Mystic boy right.JPG (62566 bytes)

Thanks Sharalee, 

Ma & Pa's ThunderMa & Pa's SadieSouthern Mountain Horse Company's Samantha
Thunder  L. 6-2010 regist.JPG (82145 bytes)SadieSammi
Thanks to Deb and Diane, Nebraska

Thanks to Brian and Mary Beth

Thanks Jackie - Nebraska
DynamiteMa & Pa's BlackjackMa & Pa's Rusty 

Dynamite 7-2007 left.JPG (49911 bytes)

Ma & Pa's Black Jack 6-1-2010.JPG (42922 bytes)Rusty
Thanks to Doug, NebraskaThanks to Cheyenne, IowaThanks to Cheyenne, Iowa

Ma & Pa's Firestorm

Ma & Pa's Hot Tamale

Amigo's Mi Corazon

Firestorm right regis.JPG (68890 bytes)

MVC-013F.JPG (99321 bytes)

Cora 7-2007 right.JPG (61272 bytes)

Thanks to Bob & Carol Sterba, Nebraska Thanks to Cheryl Johnson, Nebraska Thanks to Cheryl Johnson, Nebraska

Ma & Pa's Red Horizon

Harvest Moon

Ma & Pa's Sampson

L. red 9-2009 right.JPG (60235 bytes) Harvest Moon left 2009.JPG (29320 bytes) Coco boy left regist. 5-009.JPG (51017 bytes)
Thanks to Kurt S, Milford, NE Thanks to Kurt P, Nebraska Thanks to Kurt P, Nebraska
Ma & Pa's Ice Princess Ma & Pa's Love Dove

Ma & Pa's Karlee Alissa

Ice Princess L regist 4-09.JPG (49286 bytes) Love Dove left regist 2008.JPG (65037 bytes) Tina girl 5-09 left.JPG (75904 bytes)
Thanks to Wendy 
Ma & Pa's Ice Princess is going to her new home in England
Thanks Lucille Thanks to
Stacy - Bennington, NE
Ma & Pa's Antonia Ma & Pa's Dynamo

Ma & Pa's Stryker

Lizzy left 9-08.JPG (60056 bytes)


dynamo.jpg (77721 bytes) stryker808.jpg (112475 bytes)
Dennis and Peggy
Dennis and Peggy
Thanks to Denny & Melody Beggs, Illinois

Ma & Pa's Molly

Ma & Pa's Starr

Ma & Pa's Misty

Molly 7-09 right.JPG (88842 bytes) Shirley's girl right 5-09.JPG (47001 bytes) Misty left regist 6-09.JPG (73859 bytes)
Thanks to Dick and Larry, Nebraska Thanks to Dick and Larry, Nebraska Thanks to Dick and Larry, Nebraska

Ma & Pa's Nebraska Red Pepper

HTA Pete Za

Ma & Pa's Josie

Red Pepper 5-2008 left regis..JPG (84713 bytes)
Thanks to Dave and Kathy - Nebraska. Thanks to Dick and Kathy of Heiken's Ark, Iowa. Thanks to Deb, Plattsmouth

Ma & Pa's Willa Cather (Prissy)

Manor House Twilight
Fancy & baby right 8-2007.JPG (29264 bytes)
Thanks to Dennis and Peggy Tennessee
Twilight left 9-2007.JPG (46807 bytes)
Thanks to Maureen and Kenneth Florida

Hauenstein's Starlight

Donkey Patch Blanche

Hauenstein's Starlight, BD 1995.JPG (43767 bytes) Donkey Patch Blanche left 2007.JPG (38635 bytes)

Thanks to Gary & Dana, California

Gardner's Skeeter

Ma & Pa's Red Son

Gelding left 7-07.JPG (48409 bytes) Sweet Pea & Red Son 2008 left.JPG (58821 bytes)
Thanks to Brenda, Blair, NE Thanks to Chuck & Lorraine Chudomelka
Springfield, MO

Manor House Regis
ManorHouseRegis2006.JPG (61195 bytes)

Ma & Pa's Thunder
rudy.jpg (57451 bytes)
Ma & Pa's Rudy
thunder.jpg (63917 bytes)

Thanks to Jerry & Sharon
Seward, Nebraska

Ma & Pa's Backdraft

Thanks - Dan and Deb

Ma & Pa's Connection

Thanks to Kathy and Dick
Des Moines, Iowa

Ma & Pa's Destiny
destiny.jpg (59732 bytes)
Thanks to Bob & Danna  Omaha

Ma & Pa's Diamond Torch
torch.jpg (73086 bytes)
Thanks to Bob & Danna  Omaha

Ma & Pa's Valentina G

Thanks to Kristen 

Ma & Pa's Midnight

Thanks to Rosa & Larry

Ma & Pa's Zorro

Thanks to Eric 

Ma & Pa's Sammy

Thanks to Rosa & Larry

Windcrest Warpaint
warpaint.jpg (43307 bytes)
Thanks to Roger & Patricia 

Precious Perdue's Ursula

Thanks to Randy and Cindy

Ma & Pa's Renegade
renegade.jpg (52168 bytes)
Ma & Pa's Dusty

Thanks to Shawn, Tammy & Family